Garden Homes

These “Garden Homes” are part of a proposed pocket-neighborhood development in the Cleveland Holloway district of Durham. The project will consist of four 3-bedroom homes and two carriage houses. These 6 units are arranged around a common garden space in the rear yards

Piedmont Avenue Revitalization

This is a revitalization of a neglected neighborhood block near downtown Durham, NC. We’ll be building two new homes, and extensively renovating seven of the existing homes on the south side of Piedmont Ave. The properties are being developed by The Durham Community Land Trustees, a local non-profit with a 25 year history of providing affordable housing in the heart of Durham.

Usonian Home

This is house based on the Usonian homes that Frank Lloyd Wright designed in the 1930s. The Usonian homes were intended to be homes within reach for average Americans, not just the wealthy. That’s not a bad goal to have. Far too often architecture is considered the realm of the elite. But, great design can improve everyone’s life. So, why should it be limited to a select few?

Brown House

Architect design for a home for his family on a small lot in Forest Hills. The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. A 2 story living room and dining room area is the center piece of the home with a bridge connecting the bedrooms on the second floor.