Thanks so much for thinking about working with us.

It sounds like you have a jewel of a home and we’d love to help you make it even better.
Here’s a Corporate Capability Statement for your review. It outlines our core competencies and company mission.

Here’s a summary of how we work.

We divide the work into 2 separate contracts: A Preconstruction Contact, and then a Construction Contract. Both contracts are “non-binding”. You can choose to stop work at any time and simply pay for the work we have completed to date.

The Preconstruction Contract would be a fixed fee contract with the Architecture team. This phase of work usually takes about 3 months for renovations and additions to an existing home. The fixed fee is determined based on the size, and complexity of the home as well as the anticipated construction cost. We use 8-12% of the anticipated construction cost as a guide to arrive at the preconstruction fixed fee. Work under this contract would include all the design work and any revisions, (and re-revisions, and re-re-revisions) needed to arrive at a home design that you love. All this work is done in 3d and will be shared as pdf packages containing lots of plans, elevations, and 3d images, as well as links to any videos we create of the home. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you all to visualize the design ideas. Once you love the design, we move onto the next step of the contract which is to generate all the construction details, specifications, and drawings needed to fully document the home to the level needed to get a building permit and to guide the contractors during construction. All the structural engineering (ie. foundation design, framing sizes, beam sizes, etc.) would be included as well. The final construction set is usually 15-20 full-sized drawing sheets (22”x34”). Also, under this contract, we would provide 2 construction cost estimates at key points during the process to make sure we are on budget. A final construction cost estimate and construction schedule will be provided at the end of the preconstruction phase. This effectively serves as the “bid” for the construction job. At this point you would be free to get pricing from other contractors or (hopefully) choose to continue into the next phase and sign a Construction Contract with us. I’ve attached a pdf outlining all the items provided during the preconstruction phase for your reference.

The Construction Contract would cover pulling all required permits for the home and building the home. The model we use for our fees during this contract is called a “cost-plus” model. We take the price of all the materials and the cost of our sub-contractors and pass that cost directly to you. Then we take a fixed builders fee on top of this amount. This fee is typically 15-20% of the estimated construction cost. This builders fee is based on the final preconstruction phase cost estimate and will be locked in as a fixed fee at the time you sign the construction contract. The benefit of doing work this way is that it puts us all on the same team. We don’t benefit by getting you to do extra work. Plus, it puts you in control of the budget. For example, if you decide to spend extra money on an imported tile that you found and love. That’s awesome! You just pay the extra cost of that material and we don’t charge any extra fees. Or if you find a tile that costs less money than the amount in the budget (also awesome!), you simply pocket that savings and our fee stays the same. Our goal is to build a beautiful home that you love, and to be transparent and open during the whole process. Typically, it will take 3-4 weeks to get a building permit, and construction will take 7-9 months.

I hope that helps give you an idea of how we work. We’d be happy to meet you at the home sometime (at no charge) to talk more about our process and about the renovations you have in mind. Let me know if you’d like to set up a time.

I’m looking forward to talking more,


Design Contract


of the estimated Construction Cost
  • Sketches
  • Drawings
  • Creativity

Construction Contract

builders fee 15-20%

of construction estimate
  • Quality Work
  • Tools