Usonian Home

Kitchen, Dining Room, Pantry, Powder Rm, This is house based on the Usonian homes that Frank Lloyd Wright designed in the 1930s. The Usonian homes were intended to be homes within reach for average Americans, not just the wealthy. That’s not a bad goal to have. Far too often architecture is considered the realm of the elite. But, great design can improve everyone’s life. So, why should it be limited to a select few?

Of all the remarkable work Frank Lloyd Wright produced, I think his designs for the Usonian homes were among his most forward thinking and creative.

Jody Brown


Usonian is a term usually referring to a group of approximately sixty middle-income family homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright beginning in 1936 with the Jacobs House. The “Usonian Homes” were typically small, single-story dwellings without a garage or much storage, L-shaped to fit around a garden terrace on odd (and cheap) lots, with native materials, flat roofs and large cantilevered overhangs for passive solar heating and natural cooling, natural lighting with clerestory windows, and radiant-floor heating. A strong visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces is an important characteristic of all Usonian homes.